Passionate about agriculture

Who is behind Nulthy shop?

Nulthy Shop is an online store of nuts and healthy food, born from the passion we feel towards agriculture. Since we were children we have seen how our parents and grandparents cultivated the land, planted the seeds and waited with illusion and hope for the harvesting season of fruits of incomparable flavor and quality.

This has motivated us to take a step further with which we intend to share all that the land gives us, reaching different parts of the world and transmitting the good work and the work behind each of our products.

We are aware that we are not alone in the market and therefore we do not want to be just one more, our philosophy is to have a satisfied customer, which means offering a quality product, ensuring fast delivery and providing facilities to the customer for any incident that may arise.

We know that perfection does not exist, but what we do know is that with effort, enthusiasm and perseverance you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

We don’t want to bore you any more with our story, if you feel like enjoying our products, such as some rich curried cashew nuts, a creamy almond paste or a delicious chocolate covered pistachio, go ahead and try some of these delicacies, because eating healthy is not incompatible with eating delicious and healthy!

“Eating is a necessity, but eating smart is an art.” François De La Rochefoucauld

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